Tips on How to Launch Your SaaS Product

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In recent years, SaaS (Software as a Service) products have taken over the market and recent researches confirm that these applications are now meant to determine the future direction of the software industry.

However, even with the instant and smooth services offered by SaaS, it is more essential than ever for the long-term viability of your product to ensure that you have a solid marketing strategy in place to facilitate the growth of your business.

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So, here are 5 marketing rules that will get you the most from your marketing budget.

Invest in customer’s satisfaction

As consumers, we all know that brand loyalty depends on the level of customer satisfaction. After all, studies continue to highlight the direct impact of customer service on the success of the product.

If there is one area that deserves investment, it is the development of customer success initiatives to protect new and existing customers.

The majority of SaaS companies already have a plethora of market metrics at their disposal, which can be easily interpreted to identify which elements of your customer service are performing well and which ones you should drop, saving you time and resources on the bad parts of your business.

Growth through cross-selling

Just as building your consumer service should play an essential role in your marketing plan, it’s important to keep in mind that your best chance at boosting revenue comes from your most important asset – the customers themselves.

Therefore, strategically positioned cross-selling or upselling can be the key to growing your customer portfolio. While cross-selling can often get customers interested in related products, studies show that upselling can be up to 20 times more effective.

Either way, both methods rely on capitalizing on an established supplier-customer relationship, thus removing the much more complex task of acquiring entirely new customers to the business.

Inbound marketing

Content remains powerful when it comes to online promotion, with marketing content widely regarded as the most effective digital marketing tool. Using inbound marketing to bring potential customers directly to your product through blogging, social media, SEO, and other content allows you to attract leads who have already expressed an interest in your product and its application

Furthermore, SaaS and inbound marketing are closely linked as they both heavily rely on a connection with the immediate needs of customers. With inbound marketing in place, these prospects can come to your product already set to meet their needs, making it easier to convert to sales.

Meet your target audience

While inbound marketing can help you attract great customers who are ready to buy and use your product, that doesn’t preclude the need to reach out directly to your target market.

However, the problem is, a lot of times there hasn’t been enough thought beforehand to identify which prospects are most likely to need your product. As a result, resources can be misused to find clients who are less interested in your company’s products.

You should take the responsibility to structure your marketing efforts to ensure that you maximize your chances of acquiring new sales. A good place to start may be to develop a detailed profile for the groups that may form your ideal customer base.

Ad retargeting

The secret to personalizing your SaaS marketing campaign really lies in identifying customers who are about to make the decision to buy your product.

Through retargeting, you can reach customers who may have briefly shown an interest in your product but for some reason decided not to buy at that time. Ad retargeting gives you an edge over your competition because it allows you to stay in the minds of interested customers.

In recent years, large companies such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter have become major advocates of retargeting activity and slowly conquering consumers. This is an opportunity you cannot allow yourself to miss.

In conclusion, I hope my tips will give you some great ideas for starting and growing your business. Creating an effective SaaS marketing strategy takes time, knowledge, and dedication. You need to be patient as you expect results and ready to change your strategy at any time to attract different audiences and sustain valuable relationships.

With this information in mind, you are on your way to developing and executing a marketing strategy as innovative as your SaaS model.


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